DSC03818Hate being stranded on the highway when your car breaks down?  Give us a call and our excellent towing service will brighten your day!


Brakes, Tires, oil changes, grease/lube jobs, tune ups, whatever you need we’ve got it.


Our certified technicians are able to fix just about any dent, scratch, loose part you can think of.


Our shop does fantastic restoration work.  Bring in any old car and we will turn it into a thing of beauty in your own designated time period.


We now offer tires at very competitive pricing due to an increase in suppliers.  As well as getting new tires, you can get them mounted, balanced, rotated, and aligned.

DSC03816After you get your car fixed, get it cleaned!  You can get a low price detail which includes car wash, removing all garbage, cleaning windows, and vacuuming all the way up to a high service detail which includes waxing, vinyl work, carpet shampoo, etc. Pricing goes according to services provided.